"Candid explorations of my inner world intertwine with collected inspirations to transform into a fluid and colorful expressive unity. Ever since childhood art has been an euphoric love affair, it is a self imposed vow, a dedication, a stampede to every vital core within. To create is to castle it all, to express it all under each stroke with every single vein lucid and a mirror to my soul.”

Micci Cohan is an American fine artist whose multidisciplinary practice encompasses painting, jewelry design, illustration, photography, poetry and upcycled shell & sculpture work.
Along with her professional art career she also has been an Art instructor and an Art Workshop Facilitator. In 2015 she founded the Senses Be Brave mixed media Workshop.

Best known for her exuberant, expressive palette and an eclectic range of styles, she is a prolific artist whose work evokes a unique timelessness transcending current trends or categorizations. Her art has acquired a devoted following of collectors throughout the years both in the United States and internationally. She has exhibited her art in galleries and various venues since her high school years to present, has been featured in many publications such as, The Art in America Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums and Artists edition, Artforum, The International Contemporary Artists, and NY Arts Magazine, to name a few and has been commissioned to do illustrations and portraits by notable clients such as the prestigious Jean Cocteau Repertory Theater in NYC, and the Indie Pop Band, Salt Cathedral.

The Jewelry
Micci Cohan’s passion for adornment permeates throughout her one of kind creations. Her artistic signature in her art along with her keen fashion sense overflows into her designs. Taking elements from different cultures and the realms of antiquity and combining them with newer contemporary elements she creates something completely fresh and wholly unique. Her signature Bohemian style beaded necklaces are created from an eclectic palette of colorful materials such as natural gemstones, hand-painted beads, shells, tassels, crystals, pearls glass, clay, wood, charms, ceramic, pendants and antique metals.
Her jewelry has gained a loyal following over the last 13 years with worldwide celebrities, as well as industry notables, such as Esperanza Spalding wearing and collecting pieces from her jewelry line. Cohan’s designs are beautifully artistic, and expressive. Her mission is to design original pieces that inspire her customers to celebrate what is authentic about them; firmly believing adornment enlightens the mind and inspires the creative passion allowing every woman to express her individual personality in a very special way. Her motto she says is to stay fluid, stay open to being inspired, and always seek to enrich your senses, with colors, textures, and design. She thinks of them as timeless, vivid creations to collect and cherish forever. They are inspired by art, antique jewelry, fashion, music, nature, coastal life, world cultures, and travel.

Currently she lives on the beautiful coast of Long Island which has deeply inspired her and sparked a new sense of creativity fueling both her art and jewelry.